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    What's Love Got To Do With It

    two sisters
    two sisters

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    What's Love Got To Do With It

    Post  two sisters on Mon Jul 12, 2010 11:53 pm

    We’ve all been there, whether you want to admit it or not. You may have called it, “Your black out time in life”, “or Your dumb period.” For that matter, you may still be in it truth be told and if it hasn’t come yet, oh trust and believe, it still may. The man is just no good, no good at all. He may be good to you, or let me say it this way; “it” may be good to you. That is when it’s your turn to get it…. But he is no good for you and you know it, and everybody else does too! But you say, “Girl, I know, but I love him!”


    What’s love got to do with this? How long are we going to blame being mistreated on love? When do we start to love ourselves enough to demand to be treated as the sistas God created us to be?

    Auntie G
    Auntie G

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    Ohhhhh Yeah, I know this one well. Too well.....

    Post  Auntie G on Mon Jul 19, 2010 7:15 pm

    What can I say?, just like it says, we give the damn thing a name to even try to understand what happen to us. There just seems to come a time in a sistas life when no matter what she knows to be the right thing to do, all that seems to matter is what "feels" right. We seem to give it a name or blame it on love or the devil or whatever, I don't know what or who it is but I know that for me, I was what folks thought was in the position to live happily ever after and all of a sudden that was just not good enough, I was bored, I was unhappy, I was curious. So I decided to get with me somebody just to hang out, or so I thought. To kind cut to the chase, before I knew it, I was caught up for real, married and all and the brother wasn't even all that. Things started to get crazy and this brother started to want things from me that my husband didn't even ask, and yes, I was doing it, crazy as hell, and yes he had another woman. Sistas honestly I can't tell you how I got myself in that mess but I can tell you this, a true mess it was! I guess more importantly than talking about the details of the mess is the message, and that is....
    For whatever reason, at times in our lives we as women make really poor decisions regarding who we love and how we love. I have learned that love is so much more than we know, it's so much bigger than the feeling or the fairy tale. Yes, sometimes it hurts, sometimes we have to give, give, give and get nothing back, sometimes we are bored or curious, but sometimes we exchange a look or a smile that can't be matched anywhere else in the whole world, and somedays a memory of a time passed, or dream held to come is like glue it just keeps your heart in place.
    We simply can never ever choose wrong over right. We can't choose to be treated wrong when we know better not in the name of love, not in the name of a brother that knows how to put it on you well, not because your girls are trippin like that, not for any reason simply because you know what's right, and if you don't treat yourself right, you can never, ever expect ANYONE to treat you better than you treat you!

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    It has EVERYTHING to do with us.

    Post  missjohnniemae on Sun Jul 25, 2010 11:50 am

    Well said Auntie G., But I just want to kind of put a little spin on that. You see, I too have been in a realtionship where I have found myself in a place where "Love" was long gone, and what was left was a self serving, self righteous, "I'm gonna get all I can for me", brotha! Well, I wish I could of saw it like that at the time. What is the saying?, hind sight? yeah, well....too late for that, but another great quote,"If I only know then what I know now", yeah, that one is a great one. Somehow, in my insecure, unsaved mind I thought that I "needed" that man. Sistas I'm telling you, love has absolutely nothing, to do with it!
    It's you! You have everything, absolutley everything to do with it. I don't care what you think you need to do, be it loose weight, go back to school, fix this or that, what ever it is, the love we are looking for will come but what will attraact it is the love we have for ourselves.
    God created sistas to be wonderful, wonderful creatures and we must realize our worth, just take a minute and look back at the sistas throughout your families, they faced far more, than we could ever imagine and still they stood strong. There has been wonderful, strong women down the line, that's what we're made of. Sistas we must help one another for as long as it takes to realize our worth and to stand as the strong beautiful sistas God created us to be.

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    Been there once AND NEVER Again

    Post  CassandraDesiree<3 on Fri Jul 30, 2010 4:17 am

    I have been there, and did not see it For three years. I will say at first I did not want to see it because I was young and he was older and I thought I was just cool by being wanted by a old man. Not to much older, but at the age of 18 to me a five year difference did not seem like that big of a difference. Also I finally felt wanted. I was not the most attractive female as a teen, and honestly did not have guys knocking down my door for a date, and that had A LOT to do with it too! But in those three years I grew up and I saw the truth! He was only there to suck me dry, and when I say this he basically was using me for money! Yea, thats sad isn't it? Well I grew wise to his ways and left as soon as I knew I was being taken for a fool! And while I still feel foolish for wasting those years on him, I learned to NEVER be used again, for anything!
    Since then I have found the love of my life and who I believe to be my soul mate! We have been married for 7 years and have two beautiful children. I have known him since middle school and me and his sister have been friends for that same amount of time.
    SO I would just like to end this by saying Ladies, Fellow Sistas' DO NOT stay with a man that don't treat you like you are his queen! You DO derserve more and your King is out there waiting for YOU!
    Holla I love you

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    Re: What's Love Got To Do With It

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