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    Mama Today vs Mama Yesterday

    two sisters
    two sisters

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    Mama Today vs Mama Yesterday

    Post  two sisters on Mon Aug 16, 2010 4:00 pm

    You’re out in public at a mall, sometimes at the grocery store, or maybe a theme park and you see them better yet, you hear them….Women yelling at their children, cursing at them, talking to them as though they are adults. Usually, if you dare to stop and look at the spectacle, the mothers look at you as though you better not say anything or she may just have the same treatment ready for you.
    Some would say that they were raised the same way, being yelled at and getting a whoopin’. Some of us laugh at our parents’ choices for the way we were raised and proudly admit that “it made us who we are today”.

    With today’s laws on child abuse and advocate groups; all of which I agree, definitely have their place, this type of treatment is considered “against the law”. What is the difference in the mothers from back in the day who made us who we are today, and these mothers?

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    Mamas' from yesterday should teach some mamas' from today

    Post  CassandraDesiree<3 on Sun Aug 22, 2010 1:06 am

    Your right sistas', there is a big difference from the way children was raised in the past generations to have they are raised today. That is way we have more laws against child abuse. It seems mothers these days do not have the patients that mothers have had in the past! I included myself with this group. I was raised by my mother and grandmother from the age of three and up. I was never cussed at or beat. Now I had my share of spankings which I will agree I deserved and they did me some good. I was always talked to not yelled at and this seem to be how my other friends were mostly raised too. I don't know why things have changed so. Maybe it is not as many parents go and take their children to church, or t.v movies and music is more violent and contains more bad language than it use to. When I said I included myself, I KNOW that I have some areas that need improvement on, but I also know that a instruction manual did not come with my children, and we all continue to learn as we grow. I seem to have a shorter fuse than my parents did, but I also do not attend church as much as I did as a child, so thats why i say that could be one reason. I love and adore my children and they know this, but after I have said something more than once I am quick to raise my voice and threaten to get my paddle or switch! I do spank and I am sorry if some of you mothers disagree, But I have learned from experience that it works as long as you re-enforce it! I have seen a lot of parents threaten with all kinds of punishment but never fall threw with it.This will cause continuous bad behavior because the child knows the parent is not about to do anything if they continue to do whatever it is they are doing! This I believe leads to the cursing and yelling. They have had enough but they never tried to stop the issue before it has gotten this far!
    I just wish my grandmother or even great gran could come and even teach ME a lesson in patients and discipline, because I know at time even I tend to spoil my daughter and let her get away with somethings that I know she should get in trouble for! But I must say that this is not often because so far my daughter is an over all pretty good girl and makes me proud daily, so does my son but he is only two I have a long way to go with him. I just think that keeping on your children and teaching them manners at a young age is a good start. And going to church is always a good way to find wisdom for patients and strength to get threw to your children with out yelling and cursing!
    Holla flower

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