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    God Grant Me The Strength

    two sisters
    two sisters

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    God Grant Me The Strength

    Post  two sisters on Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:55 pm

    You receive an urgent telephone call at work and you have to leave immediately. Your love one has just been admitted to the hospital. It’s not looking good right about now; they’ve just had a stroke. You’re praying that God’s will be done in this situation and believe for their recovery. After a month long hospital stay, they are finally able to come home. Tag, you’re it! You’re the only one close enough to help. You’re not prepared for the round the clock medications, feedings, baths, and whatever else may be needed. You’ve got a little time that you can take off from work but this requires more than a little time. You are the sole supporter of your family and do not have the means or strength to handle this unexpected crisis.

    How must your love one feel knowing that they have to be totally dependent upon the help of someone else? What factors, if any determine when to use outside care versus you caring totally for your love?
    Auntie G
    Auntie G

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    Re: God Grant Me The Strength

    Post  Auntie G on Sat Aug 21, 2010 11:12 am

    Take it from someone that has been there, done that, it is ONLY God that can grant the strength needed to deal with this situation. Speaking from experience, not with the stroke, but indeed with another terminal illness which required around the clock care, and which came about totally unexpected not to mention the devastation it carried to the family. Trying to care for a loved one ourselves is the first response, we all seem to think we are super people that can handle it all, and in my family, we have never, ever allowed anyone to be cared for, no matter how complicated, by anyone other than family and close friends, so initially the thought of having the option to bring in outside help, or take our loved one out of the home was definately out of the question. Fast forward one, or two months into care when your mind and body are drained and your children and/or spouse start to act differently because all of your time is spent elsewhere. You begin to realize that you are not superwoman and you need help so through a whole lot of prayer and tears you humble yourself and you get help. In my case it was outside help coming in, which required me handing over that which we hold so dear, "trust", but I found that my trust was not being handed over to that lady that came in each morning, it was being handed over to God. We really don't realize where we are, until we have to walk it out. Now you may say,"well you were praying and all that, didn't you trust God already?", well I say to you again, it's easy to say "I trust Him', when you only have to speak it out of your mouth. Just wait until you have to walk the walk.
    Caring for the people we love IS our responsibility, but knowing the SOURCE of our strength is not just our responsibility it's the very air we breathe.
    So I ask you to check yourself, do you trust Him,? or do you ask Him to be your assistant?

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